John Sommers

Vice President:
Andrew C. Abdallah, P.E.

Mark E. Thomson DDS

Donna Bell

Board Members:
Dr. James E. Ashe
Gilbert A. Duken
Tom Glasgow
Dr. Robert Davis
Rosemary LaMarche
Tony Searing

ARC Foundation of Clinton County

P.O. Box 1512
Plattsburgh, NY 12901



The ARC Foundation is a not-for-profit public corporation, founded in 1999. The foundation was created in order to receive and administer funds for the primary benefit of the developmentally disabled of Clinton County New York.

The foundation is a separate entity from the Advocacy and Resource Center (Clinton County Chapter of NYSARC, Inc.). However, because the missions of the ARC Foundation and the Advocacy and Resource Center serve the same purpose, the Advocacy and Resource Center may directly benefit from contributions made by the Foundation.

ARC Foundation mission statement: The ARC Foundation exists to receive and administer funds for the purpose of enhancing the lives of the intellectually and developmentally disabled of Clinton County, New York.

Being true to the mission statement, the ARC Foundation has created a scholarship program that is offered to any student who is enrolled full time in a college program in the fields of human services and/or clinical studies. The Foundation also offers several scholarships for high school students each year. The amount of the scholarships is determined each year by the Foundation’s board of directors. It is the hope of the Foundation board to encourage students to become involved in services that will directly benefit the MR/DD population.

The ARC Foundation sponsors a golf tournament each year as a major fund raising event. It is a goal of the Foundation to support additional fund raising events in the future that will enhance the Foundation and it’s ability to support and enhance the lives of the MR/DD population of Clinton County.

ARC Foundation's responsibilities include:

• Ensuring that the Advocacy and Resource Center
..of Clinton County has a visible, positive reputation that
..will attract public support in the community.

• Raising operating funds to cover the costs
..of programs and services that are not sufficiently
..supported by public agencies.

• Raising funds for capital and special projects.

• Establishing an endowment to ensure the
..availability of future programs and services.

• Exercising fiduciary responsibility for
..Foundation assets, including the endowment.